What Is WordPress?

What Is WordPress and Why You Should Choose It.


What is WordPress - WordPress Logo -Webinate Geraldton Web Designer StudioAt Webinate, we design and build websites exclusively on the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular web design system in the World today. About 75,000,000 websites run on WordPress, and for good reason.

Let’s take a quick look into some of the reasons we use WordPress to design and build websites for our customers. Please note, this is just a brief outline of the benefits and features of WordPress. More detailed information is available in the video and links that follow.


What Is WordPress?

We get quite a few questions about how and what we use to design and build websites. Often we’re asked “so, what is WordPress, anyway?”  In simple terms, WordPress is free, open source software that is used for creating websites. But, it’s more than just that!

With WordPress, we can build any kind of website we need. Anything from a simple blog to a small business “brochure” site. Even a site for a large national or multi-national corporation becomes possible with WordPress. Building an online store is a snap! In short, with WordPress, almost any website imaginable is possible. Let’s face it, with 75,000,000 websites up and running, you’ll be in good company if you choose WordPress.

There are thousand of “plugins” for WordPress. Each plugin is designed to provide a specific feature. It might be a form people can use to contact you. Or to link your Facebook page to your website. Perhaps you’ll need a calendar with an appointments booking system. Want to advertise a vacancy in your business and receive job applications with attached resumes? There are plugins for that too.

Whatever you need, there’s probably a plugin for WordPress to get that job done.


For anything up to a medium size business website, no coding or programming knowledge is required. The coding still happens, but automatically in the background, because WordPress handles it for us. All we need to do is add words, images and other media and WordPress makes it happen.

Larger, more complex or specialised websites built with WordPress may require some coding skills to create some custom features, but this is well beyond the requirements of most websites we see and use on the Web every day.

In a word, WordPress is “flexible”!


However, this flexibility does come at the cost of technical complexity. Adding and editing content is not difficult. But managing and maintaining the “back-end” technical aspects of WordPress, so critical to keeping the site performing at its best, can be challenging for those who lack appropriate technical knowledge.

That’s why at Webinate, we offer affordable website maintenance services to all our customers.


Why We Choose WordPress

There are many alternatives for software to build a website. So, why use WordPress?

  • What Is WordPress - Webiinate - Geraldton Web DesignWordPress is supported by web designers and developers across the Globe.
  • It’s a modern, reliable and stable platform.
  • As a full Content Management System (CMS), it has an almost unrivalled ability to manage data and present all kinds of content.
  • Content is easily added and edited by just about anybody who has ever used word-processing software like Microsoft Word or something similar. Many of our customers love this feature.
  • There’s a wide choice of WordPress developers and designers you can hire if things go astray.
  • WordPress is responsive. It can adapt to and work well on any device.
  • WordPress is constantly being developed and improved, keeping it at the forefront of web technology.


These are just some of the reasons why we use WordPress on all the websites we design and build for our customers. If you need a new website, or your site needs a refresh, or even if you just need some advice, give us a call and let’s talk about it.

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