How to Choose the Best Domain Name

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

How to choose the best domain name often requires careful consideration and some research. A good domain name can help you attract new visitors to your website. It can boost your search engine rankings, and build brand awareness. A bad domain name can make it difficult for people to find your website. A poor choice of domain name can even damage your brand.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

What You Need to Know

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when you’re considering how to choose the best domain name for your new website:

  • The best domain names are short and simple.
    The shorter your domain name, the easier it will be for people to remember and type. Ideally, your domain name should be no more than 15 characters long.
  • Avoid breaking up your domain name.
    Don’t use underscores, hyphens or dots in your domain name. For example, go with “” and not “”. You can learn about the disadvantages of breaking up domain names here. If you absolutely must use something to break up your domain name, try to do it only once.
  • Use relevant keywords in the domain name.
    Your domain name should include SEO keywords that are relevant to your business or website. This will help people find your website when they search for those keywords on Google or other search engines. If you deal in discount furniture and you’re located in Memphis, a good domain name would be “”, and your keywords for SEO would include “discount furniture”, “furniture Memphis”, “discount furniture in Memphis”, etc. You get the idea. Note that search engines can apply logic that enables them to read and understand that “” means “discount furniture Memphis”, particularly if you use these words in sentences on your web page.
  • Make your domain name easy to pronounce.
    Your domain name should be easy to pronounce, both for people who are reading it and for people who are saying it out loud. This will help people remember your domain name and recommend it to others.
  • How to Choose the Best Website Domain NameChoose the right domain name extension.
    Taking Australia as an example, the “” domain extension is the most popular and recognizable domain extension throughout the Country and is trusted world-wide. If your target audience is in Australia and you’re not seeking overseas visitors to your website, you should choose the localised “” domain for your website. If you’re marketing only overseas, then “.com” is the best alternative in most cases. Consider registering both “” and “.com”. Have your “.com” re-directed to your “” address. This will help to protect your online identity.
  • Check for availability of your preferred domain name.
    Before you register your domain name, make sure that it is available. You can check the availability of domain names at any domain registrar website. One option is to check here at Google Domains.

More on Domain Extensions

You may find that although you’ve chosen the best possible domain name you can think of for your website, the domain extension, such as “.com”, has already been taken. For example, you want “”, but someone else already has it registered.

All is not necessarily lost. Technically, a domain name includes its extenstion too – so “” is considered a different domain name to “”. Other options would be “”, or “””. Unfortunately, these options don’t allow for the use of the “country” reference (such as  “au” for Australia) at the end. Just be aware that using the same domain name as another website, but with a different extension, can create confusion in the marketplace, something you’ll want to avoid.

However, there’s good news for those wanting to focus their domain name just on Australia. A new new top level domain extension “.au” is now available. So if you want to localise your domain name to Australia, and “” isn’t available, “.au” will achieve the same localized focus for your website.

The message here is not to rush in only to regret your decision later. Keep thinking and researching options until you feel confident you’ve chosen the best domain name possible. Remember, you may be stuck with it for a long time.

Additional Checklist Items on How To Choose the Best Domain Name

  • Be creative.
    Don’t be afraid to get creative with your domain name. If you can come up with something unique and memorable it will help you stand out from the competition.
  • Think about the future.
    When choosing a domain name, think about how it will fit with your business in the future. If you plan to expand your business or launch new products or services, make sure that your domain name is flexible enough to accommodate your growth.
  • how to choose the best domain nameUse your business name
     If you have a strong business name, use it as your domain name. This will make it easy for people to find your website and remember your brand. Make sure you have exclusive use of your business name as well by registering it as well.
  • Register your domain name for a long period of time.
    When you register your domain name, you may have to choose a registration period. I recommend registering your domain name for a long period of time. It’s not expensive and will give you peace of mind


Choosing the best domain name is an important decision. By following these tips on how to choose the best domain name, you can find one that will help you attract new visitors, boost your search engine rankings, and build your brand.

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